Whisk Products List


Biodegradable lotion soaps leave the skin clean and fresh with a pleasant fragrance. They contain emollients that replace natural oils to condition the skin.

A lotion soap for use in the shower must be the gentlest of all skin cleansers. WhiskLotion 175 has ample lotion to leave the skin supple, emollients to maintain skin moisture, and a botanical oil to leave the hair soft with a nice sheen.

WhiskLotion Foaming Lotion Soaps provide economical cleansing of the hands and/or entire body. A small quantity of concentrated cleanser expands to as much as ten times its original volume and reduces usage up to 50% compared to conventional liquid soaps.


WhiskCare cleansers are designed to help eliminate commonly encountered germs on the hands. Each cleanser has been formulated to kill the bacteria found in various environments, while still cleansing the hands. All WhiskCare cleansers are formulated to ensure that hands are left clean and soft after each washing.

WhiskCare foaming products deliver germ reducing ingredients, and a small quantity of these products produces a mound of foam.

Waterless Hand Cleaners

Whisk Hand Cleaners loosen and dissolve tenacious soils. Formulated with only the safest additives available to remove oil, grease, paints, glue, sealants, tar, asphalt, and other tacky materials. Product easily flows into cracks and under fingernails to loosen dirt so that it can then be easily wiped away.


Many jobs require that hands come in frequent contact with a variety of chemicals, some harmful or irritating to the skin. For those with exposure to these environments, WhiskGuard products help restore the skin to its original condition.


Strong, reinforced disposable towels that are pre-soaked in a safe, biodegradable orange d-Limonene solution for cleaning all types of soil quickly. Use it to clean the hands, equipment, furniture, and personal belongings. Whisk-Its remove grease, oil, tar, ink, sealant, insulating foam and other contaminants.


WhiskPower soaps are designed to remove even the most stubborn dirt and grease from the hands. Three WhiskPower formulas use pumice to help loosen grit and grime from the skin. Pumice is derived from the lava left after volcanic eruptions, and when crushed and pulverized into fine particles, it becomes an ideal economical additive for heavy duty cleaning soaps.

Three additional WhiskPower cleansers use either natural scrubbers or walnut shells to remove the toughest soils from the hands. Designed for strength of cleaning power and mildness to the skin, they are recommended to remove grease, oil, ink, carbon, silicone, tar and many other hard to remove soils.